Are you interested in joining the most diverse student association Leiden has to offer? Then we would really like to welcome you during the EL CID-week. You can find us during the EL CID at the information market, the Leiden Freshmen Festival (LEF) or you can pay us a visit at our association (Hogewoerd 108).

Signing up

When signing up, there are a few things you need to have with you. You should bring the following things with you:
- Registration card/proof of registration
- A copy of your identification card (or passport)
- Your IBAN account number
- € 30,- as credit on your membership card. This amount can also be paid by pin.
- Two identical passport photos. If you don’t have one, we will take a picture of you at SSR.
- Optional: € 20,- for the year-sweater if you decide to buy it.
As a member of our association you have to pay a yearly membership fee of € 120,-. Since you’ll have a lot of expenses during the EL CID week, this fee will be withdrawn from your bank account in November. SSR will send you a reminder a couple of weeks in advance.

Work week

The work week will be from Monday 19th till Friday 23th of August, during which you’ll effectively be earning money for our association. You get the chance to build a strong relationship with the other freshmen. You’ll be sleeping, eating and working on a different location than SSR. During this week you will be provided with an evening programme. If by some chance you won’t be able to join this week, there is a possibility to pay a fee instead, this will be withdrawn from your account in November.

Camp week

The following week, from Monday 26th till Friday 30th of August, the camp week takes place. During this week you will get to know the members of SSR even better! The week is filled with a lot of parties and games. The costs for this amazing week will be € 70,- and will be withdrawn together with your membership fee in November. This camp truly is a week to remember!

Despite everything, attendance to the camp or workweek is not mandatory. Both weeks will be filled with fun and enjoyment, but there are lots of opportunities afterwards to make up for lost time!

Also, there will be an opportunity of joining the weekend after the camp, which will be from Saturday 31st of August till Sunday 1st of September, to experience the camp and work week in one weekend. We do encourage you to go to the two weeks, but when this just isn’t possible, this last weekend is a good alternative.

Uitloopweken (continuing the fun)

After the work week and the camp your academic year will start. During this time we have a four week period called the NC-Uit planned. The NC-Uit has a lot of different activities to offer. There are lectures, game nights and big parties. You’ll discover what life as an SSR member feels like, and you will be introduced to all our committees and disputen to show you all the opportunities within our association. These four weeks will be concluded with a great and awesome party. It’s up to you to decide how often you will visit SSR during the Uitloopweken.

So if you’re interested, come visit us at SSR, the information market or at the LEF and ask away!